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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website!

We appreciate your visit and are pleased to use this medium to keep you current on health information management issues across the nation and around the world.

The Health Records Association of INDIA (HERA-I) is the pioneer & primary national organization for medical records in INDIA.

Health Records Association of India (HERA-I) is a pioneer National Association for the Medical Records professionals in India and Headquarters in Chennai.

In India the Medical Record System was first introduced in the year 1930 at Christian Medical College, Vellore and it was entirely an American origin envisaged by the American College of Surgeons and Physicians. It took another 32 years for the Govt. of India to realize the importance of this specialty of Medical Records after the WHO and the Rockefeller Foundation; USA came forward to support the training program in Medical Records to create necessary trained manpower in medical records.

In August 1962 the training program for Medical Record Officers and Medical Record Technicians started at Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore and subsequently these trained persons went to their respective States and urged their Government to start Medical Record Training Programs in their respective States but the response was not encouraging.

Certain States like Karnataka, Tamilnadu etc., created Medical Record Departments in major teaching hospitals and hence in these States Medical Record Officers Association and Medical Record Technicians Association were existing which was later renamed as Health Record Association. Mr.S.S.Jolly, Mr.Keshava Rao and Mr. A.Peter did pioneering work to start a central Health Records Association of India but at one stage this effort got discontinued once Mr.Jolly and Mr.Peter left India for better placement abroad.

Since the growth of Medical Records was lopsided in India and since there was no uniformity in the nomenclature, staff pattern and scales of pay, there was a unanimous thought to revive the Central Association.

The likeminded persons joined together and organized a National Conference on Medical Records called MEDRECON -2002 at Chennai and at the end of this two days conference a meeting was held and it was decided to form a fresh National Association called Health Records Association of INDIA.

After the spade work, the Association was finally registered with the Registrar of Societies, Government of Tamilnadu on 3.4.2003 with Registration No. 74/2003. Thus the present Health Records Association of India came into existence officially from 3.4.2003.

HERA-I serving all over India through MEDRECON conferences, bringing together all Medical Records Professionals across all parts of our Country to one place, where they share their industrial knowledge and updates once in yearly.