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Officer Bearers

Functions of the Officer Bearers:

1. PRESIDENT:- He presides over all the meeting of the both General Body and Executive Committee, he cast his vote in case of tie . He can supervise all the branches of the society.

2. Vice PRESIDENT:- He shall assist the president in discharging his duties and in the absence of the President he shall perform the duty of the President as entrusted by him

3. GENERAL SECRETARY: - He is the Executive Office of the society and custodian to all records relating to the society and correspondent on behalf of the society. He has to take on records of all minutes of the society to be conveyed both the bodies of the society with the permission of the President. He guides the treasurer in preparing the budget and expenditure statement of the society.

4. JOINT SECRETARY: - He has to do the work entrusted by the executive committee. He has to assist the Secretary in discharging his duties, in the absence of the Secretary; he can perform the duties of the secretary.

5. TREASURER: - He is responsible for all-financial transactions and funds of the society. He has to maintain accounts properly along with the vouchers; he has to prepare the accounts of the society jointly with the Secretary or President.

6. OFFICE BEARERS: - they are the responsible persons to attend to such activities of the Society which the Executive Committee entrust to them.

Annual General Body Meeting

An annual general body meeting will be held on 1st day of National Medical Records Conference - MEDRECON.

Minutes of the Meeting

Minutes of the meeting will be circulated to all the registered members.

Source of Income

To raise the fund of the association, 10% from the Registration fees will be shared to HERA-I, those organization hosting the national medical records conference yearly.

Yearly subscription will be collected from the registered members.

Financial Year

Financial year shall end at the time of Annual meeting/ (March 31st) , when an audited account of the Income and Expenditure statement will be presented by the Treasurer.

The books of account of the Society shall be kept at the Registered Office of the Society or at such other place as the Governing Body may think fit.

The Governing Body shall from time to time determine whether and to what extent and what time and place, and under what conditions and regulations the accounts and books of the Society or any of them shall be open to the inspection of the members, and no members shall have any right of inspecting any accounts or books or documents of the Society.

Bank Account

All the accounts in the name of “Health Records Association of INDIA” will be operated by the General Secretary and Treasurer of Society.

Minutes of the Meeting


The accounts of the Association shall be audited by an Auditor appointed by the managing committee every year. The Annual accounts will be subject to statutory audit as per Rules.

General Secretary