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Who can became member of HERA-I

  • Any person having diploma or Degree in Medical, Para Medical, Medical Record Sciences, Health information Management & organizations related to health information / Medical Records
  • Above 21 years of Age
  • The Association will have a Register / data of members with their names and address; changes in the membership will be updated time to time.
  • Registered members will receive a Life time Membership Certificate / ID Card.
  • Registered members will have the right to attend all General body meetings and cast their votes as well as lodge their grievances, if any.11
  • Registered members will receive greetings regarding HERA-I conference, workshops & events.

Registration Form  :  Download
Updated Members List 06.09.2017  :  Download

Certified Member

Certified membership includes all certified Medical Records / Health Information Management (HIM) professionals. Membership in HERA-I supports the maintenance of your HERA-I credential. National certification provides recognition and portability of your credentials.

*Affiliate Individual Member

Affiliate individual membership includes any individual or organization interested in health information management and/or the HIM profession. HERA-I welcomes affiliate member participation in contributing to the growth of the Association in support of health information management professionals and the health information management industry. (Excluding enrolled or graduates of a HERA-I recognized program).